Our Business

Business Content

Global Sourcing
  • We select optional factory to manufacture parts in mainly in Thailand, but also in Vietnam, and China.
  • We select a wide range of machining services including chassis, canning, high-precision cutting parts, painting, and surface treatment.
  • We also accept equipment assembly and assembly parts.
  • We deliver to your specified location.
Substitute Procurement Service
  • We purchase tools, electrical materials, and other indirect materials that are difficult to procure overseas in the place of you.
  • We deliver to the specified location.
  • We respond to last-minutes orders with short amount of time.

Business Field

Semiconductor equipment
  • Enclosure of cleaning equipment (flatness 1mm, diagonal dimension difference within 1mm, flatness/flatness 0.3mm)
  • Metal cutting products (cutting accuracy 100 to 10μ)
Machine tools
  • Cutting tools of machine tools
  • Body framework of machinery and equipment
Construction machinery
  • Medium to large excavators
  • Canning parts
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Metal cutting parts for fuel injection devices (injectors) (cutting accuracy 2μ)
Non-business areas
(what we cannot do)

We will do our best to meet your requests, but we are unable to do so in the following cases.

  • Parts without drawings (however, we will accept a separate request if requested from the design stage)
  • Assembly of products for which procedures or details are unknown
  • Parts for which specifications have not yet been determined based on appearance standards, etc. (Quality cannot be guaranteed.)