QWhat does your company do?
A We provide a wide variety of small to medium lot metalworking parts in cooperation with partner companies in Thailand, Southeast Asia, and China.
We undertake a full range of services, including processing of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and resin, punching, bending, welding, can manufacturing, lathe turning, milling, painting, plating, heat treatment, surface finishing, and equipment assembly.
QWhat are the features of your services?
A Our experienced engineers work together with our overseas partners to realize the customer's requirements. We deliver products of the same quality as those in Japan while taking advantage of the cost advantages of Southeast Asia.
QCan I consult with you about technical aspects?
A Our experienced engineers are available to consult with customers. We are happy happy to consult with you about anything, including complex processing that involves other processes and products that require a lot of time and effort.
QIs your company different from a trading company?
A We are a technical trading company with many engineers. We are a technical group with engineers from various industries to provide quality control and VE proposals.
QWhat kind of products do you specialize in?
A We are particularly specialized in complicated and time-consuming products such as sheet metal fabricated products and metal cutting products. We can also handle surface processing and painting.
For example, manufacturing high-precision chassis with flatness of 1 mm and diagonal dimensional difference of 1 mm or less is our specialty. We also specialize in vacuum chambers and canned products.
QWhat is your quality control system?
A We confirm the specifications after a thorough discussion with the customer, and produce samples in cooperation with our partner companies. Mass production is then started after receiving approval from the customer. CE and QC control will be carried out according to the customer's request.
QCan I request a drawing to be made?
A We are sorry, but we do not currently offer the production of drawings.
QCan you manufacture parts without drawings?
A We are sorry, but we cannot manufacture products without drawings.
QHow long does it take to be shipped?
A For airflight delivery from Southeast Asia, we can usually deliver in 2 days. For shipments by sea, it takes 3 weeks from Thailand, 2 weeks from Vietnam, and 1 week from China (Shanghai).
QWhat materials can you handle?
Please refer to the table below. Both Japanese and Chinese materials are available. If you require a material not listed, please feel free to contact us.
Machining (stainless steel)
Material SUS316 303 304 440 etc
Surface treatment Electropolishing
Machined (Aluminum)
Material A5052 A5056 A6061
A6063 etc
Surface treatment Chemical polishing Kanigen
White, black, hard anodized aluminium
Machining (other)
Material S45C SS400 Q235
Surface treatment Sherardization Kanigen
Nickel plate
Die Cast
Material ADC12 etc
Surface Treatment Shot Sandblasting
White, black, hard anodized aluminium
Lost wax
Material SUS316 304 A356-T5 etc
Surface treatment Shot sandblast
White, black, hard anodized aluminium
Kanigen Coating
AL casting (gravity, low-pressure, sand casting)
Material AC4C AC4A etc
Surface treatment Shot sandblasting
White, black, hard anodized aluminium
Kanigen Coating
Iron casting (sand casting)
Material FCD250 FCD350 etc
Surface treatment Shot sandblasting
Aluminum extrusion material
Material A5052 A5056 A6061 A6063 etc
Surface treatment White, black, hard anodized aluminium
Clear coating
Forged Products
Material S45C SUS304 etc
Surface treatment Kanigen zinc plating
Sheet metal
#400 Polished 403 Aluminum
Surface treatment Sherardization
Coating (powder, printing)
Made of can
Material Iron Stainless steel
Surface treatment Coating (powder, printing)